Photo: Modellhouse
Photo: Modellhouse


An artist with many strings on his lyre. With my small one-man company, I offer a wide range of services in areas such as film, photography, text and marketing. I have a diverse background and work as a social worker from London's homeless and high school teacher to the naval captain, operator at the Police Command Center and traffic planner in the railway. With my broad background and large bank of knowledge, I can therefore market myself as something of an all-around artist and would like to share with you just about my experience.

Name: Tobias Lindqvist
Date of birth: September 1977
Length: 182 cm
Weight: 105 kg
Eye-color: Green
Hair-color: Brown (shaved)
Beard: Dark brown and about four inches long. However, may vary slightly from time to time in terms of length and "hairstyle", although I am never completely shaved.
Lives: Stockholm, Sweden
Body marks: Beard, rings in both ears (a total of six holes in the left ear), tattoos on the arms, neck and back as well as operation scars in the neck.
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Hands, arms and bodymarks


2020/2021, Folkuniversitetet Stockholm

General railway-technology for administrators
November 2019, The Swedish Transport Administration School in Ängelholm

Emergency officer (certification)
September 2019, Swedish Agency for Social Protection and Preparedness (MSB), Stockholm

Basic photo training at half speed (Photo distance)
September 2018 - June 2019, Sigtuna Folk High School, Sigtuna

Basic Soldier Training for Volunteers (GU-F)
30/6 - 13/7 2018, Armed Forces / Armed Forces, Örebro / Villingsberg

15/2 - 8/9 2016, Railway School, Ängelholm

RLC operator (certified alarm operator at the police command center)
31/8 - 18/12 2015, Stockholm Police Regional Management Center, Stockholm

Autumn term 2010, Linnaeus University, Kalmar / Växjö

21/8 2006 - 15/6 2011, Maritime Academy, Kalmar

28/2 - 23/3 2001, Police Academy in Solna / Border Police Arlanda, Stockholm


Swedish (native language)

I have always had a great passion for language and expressing myself. During my school days there was a dream to become a writer and I won several essay competitions. The writer's dreams did not become that much, nowadays it becomes the most writing on my blog.

Fluent English

After graduating from the humanities branch in high school, where I read in-depth course in English and also lived in London in the late 90's, I speak almost unimpeded English. The sea captain training also includes technical union English.


I studied German for six years of my school time and also worked as a high school teacher in German. Something that now means that I can have a good conversation in German.