Portfolio within the areas where I'm active.


Here I present what I have done so far in the film field, both a complete CV in text form as well as the moving material and the pictures I have access to.

Complete CV

Internal movie for Diskrimineringsombudsmannen, construction worker, 2020 (actor)
Information-film for Myndigheten för samhällsskydd och beredskap; stroller, 2020 (extra)
Två av oss; visitor at baths, 2020 (extra)
Snabba cash; employee at an office, 2020 (extra)
Commercial for Toyota; construction woker, 2020 (extra)
Advertising campaign for CSN;
 student, 2020 (model)
Commercial for Universitets- och högskolerådet; student, 2020 (actor)
Commercial for Blocket; sidekick, 2020 (actor)
Vinterviken; Visitor at theatre, 2020 (extra)
Commercial for Blocket; bicycle dealer, 2020 (actor)
Kärlek och anarki; Publishers employee, 2020 (advanced extra)
IRIS center of development; model, 2020
Lectus World; model in art installation, 2020 (model)
Commercial for Clover; security guard, 2019 (advanced extra)
Commercial for Rikshem; dad, 2019 (actor)
Commercial for Jusek; lawyer, 2019 (actor)
Commercial for Toyota; farmer and construction worker, 2019 (actor and model)
Commercial photo for Svenskt Näringsliv; father/industrial worker, 2019 (model)
Commercial for the Riksbyggen; father/part of gay couple, 2019 (actor)
Commercial for Apoteket; parent at parent meeting, 2019 (extra)
Kalifat; stroller, 2019 (extra)
Solsidan; restaurant guest, 2019 (extra)
Solsidan; traveler on train, 2019 (extra)
Commercial for SL; biker, 2019 (model/actor)
Internal film for Keolis; "tuff guy" on bus, 2019 (actor)
Gåsmamman; civil police-officer, 2019 (advanced extra)
Pantamera Humor; angry guest at cafe, 2019 (actor)
Commercial for Ica; customer, 2019 (advanced extra)
Älska mig; bar-guest, 2019 (extra)
Commercial for Skandiabanken; audience, 2019 (extra)
Fire safety information film for Locum; construction worker, 2018 (advanced extra)
Information film about Stadsmissionen; sober alcoholic, 2018 (actor)
Commercial for Storytel; audiobook listener, 2018 (advanced extra)
Commercial for PRV; audience at "talk show", 2018 (extra)
Commercial for Svenska spel; road-worker, 2018 (extra)
Commercial for Clas Ohlsson; stroller, 2018 (extra)
Commercial for Sveriges Radio P2; construction worker, 2018 (advanced extra)
Commercial for ICA; retail customer, 2018 (extra)
Innan vi dör; Chat-roulette participant, 2018 (advanced extra)
Commercial for Lidl; father, 2018 (actor/advanced extra)
Commercial for Klarna; stroller, 2018 (advanced extra)
Commercial for SL; construction worker/traveler, 2018 (extra)
STHLM requiem; bar guest, 2018 (extra)
Jag kommer aldrig glömma dig; social worker, 2018 (actor)
Commercial for McDonald's; construction worker, 2018 (advanced extra/actor)
The girl with the dragon tattoo; driver, 2018 (extra)
Commercial for TallinkSilja; cruise traveler, 2018 (extra)
Block; Abusive husband, 2018 (actor)
Commercial for Fontana; warehouse worker, 2018 (extra)
Commercial for Svenska kyrkan; part of gay couple, 2018 (actor)
Commercial for Blocket; man on crutches, 2018 (actor)
Mannen som lekte med elden; office employee, 2017 (advanced extra)
Det som göms i snö; bartender, 2017 (advanced extra)
Tele2 awards (promotional film); student, 2017 (advanced extra)
Jimmie; refugee, 2017 (extra)
Sjölyckan; guest at party, 2017 (extra)
Commercial for ICA; retail customer, 2017 (advanced extra)
Advokaten; truck driver, 2017 (extra)
Familjen Rysberg; "Huggkubbare", 2017 (advanced extra)
Gåsmamman; pedestrian, 2017 (extra)
Meltzer & döden; debater, 2017 (extra)
Jordskott II; cleaner, 2017 (statist)
Finaste familjen; visitor on poetry evening, 2016 (extra)
Commercial for ICA; retail customer, 2016 (extra)
Commercial for SAS; Aircraft Passengers, 2016 (statist) 


Pictures from my work as extra and actor


Portfolio regarding my various assignments in text and script.


Blog: Kompasskurs


Handbok för tågtrafikplanerare
(Trafikverket), ISBN 978-91-519-1726-9


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