My services


Do you need an extra for your movie? Or do you think I could fit for one of the roles? Then you have come to the right place! I have a long experience of this branch and have had roles in as well movies as different commercials.

And I look forward to working with just YOU in your production! Please challenge me, I love that! Scripted or improvisation, drama, suspense or humor.


Model for the fashion catalog, the magazine or the fashion show?

With a long habit in front of the camera, a challenged actor and a convenience in front of the camera, I like to set up as a model where you think I would fit!


Do you need a photographer for the party, event, wedding, bridal shower or to photograph the house/apartment for a sale? Or why not portrait photos? Then you have found the right place! You, as a customer, set the limits for the nature of the assignment!

I do not have my own studio, but of course I can arrange a studio for each specific assignment based on the nature of the assignment. Then there is also an extra cost for the studio.

All photographers have their own expression and their own way of photographing. My form of expression is primarily to use the natural light without adding light or shaping the light with different aids.

Debate article, chronicle or news article

Do you have the raw material, but not the time to write the article itself? Or do you want a debate article on a particular topic? Maybe some new angle to the debate page in your newspaper or on your website?

We discuss the arrangement together and you then get the text delivered according to your wishes.

Rewriting or compilation of materials

You know how it is, right? You have collected all the facts, all the material and have piles of notes. So comes that relentless work of compiling it into a coherent text that should capture the reader's interest.

It's not easy at all times - and often very time-consuming. Here I'm your friend who does this for you. Everything according to the wishes you set yourself around the layout of the text.

Ghost writer

Need help with answering your letters or emails? Do you need to get that article, chronicle or debate article written before the deadline in a few days?

Then you set the frames for the text - what arguments to include, what facts and how the text should broadly be formulated.

Then you leave the rest to me and the text will be delivered well in advance of your deadline.


You may have compiled a text but want someone to read it with new/different eyes. Or you may be a publisher and have received a book script to be published, but do not have the time to proofread it yourself. The situations are certainly many when you need someone outside who can read your text through.

Leave it to me! I read carefully and provide feedback and suggestions on possible changes, additions and corrections and more. And of course, mark or correct any typos and linguistic errors.

Internet marketing

Sometimes you may need to appear a little extra in certain specific channels. Here, I can be at your service with some different tools.

It can be as simple as a sponsored post on my own blog Kompasskurs, but also that we become the link between you and the marketing in various social media and blogs.

We set up a budget and discuss a layout around where and how you want to be seen. Then you can devote yourself to your core business while we take care of the rest!

Anything else?

If you have read all the way here on the site, you probably have an idea of what services I can offer you. But it may actually be that you still haven't quite found what you're looking for. However, do you think that what you are looking for is something that I can solve, based on the services presented above, you are of course welcome to contact me!

My slogan is "The small company with the big heart", which should say a lot. You may be looking for something that falls a bit between the chairs when you read about the services I offer. Then I suggest that you send me an e-mail or sms - or even call -and present what you're looking for. Then I'll do my best to meet your wishes! Good, isn't it?! :)